We understand your requirement to provide effective assistance and quality works.
​Here is what our community members are saying. 

“I feel great today by the grace of God. My challenge is to continue to work hard to make it with my family. Juve Lima and ADUD really helped me, especially my first week here to go to the social security administration and help to fill out job applications. It is the most special feeling when you are new in this country and you get your first job! ADUD helped me get my start and I appreciate what they have done for me.”

-Blaise (from Benin)

“I like my life. I have a job. My goal here is to work and have a good life. Back home there was no work. When I first came, it was very hard, I had to learn to speak English. Juve Lima through ADUD helped me learn how to talk to people and find my first job as a secretary.” 

-Lumen (from Togo)