​Founder and CEO of African Diaspora United for Development (ADUD), Juve Lima truly personifies the 21st century global humanitarian whose skills, passion and commitments are multi-faceted and represented in ADUD’s mission, purpose and values. Juve is responsible for ADUD’s vision, strategy and in a word, he is the Heart of this community building organization.

Born in Benin, Africa, Juve graduated from the National University of Benin with a master’s degree in business law and spent the next several years out of university working with Benin’s agencies that focused on local community development. He worked in a variety of capacities in other nonprofits, amongst which – Founder and CEO of PRANA CONSORTIUM; Co-Founder and former General secretary for Collectif des Jeunes pour un Benin Meilleur (CO.JE.BE.M) whose mission was to build a youth consortium; Operations secretary for the Association des Jeunes pour un Development de Proximite (AJDP) which developed and instituted education and tutoring programs that bridged the learning gap during summer months and other significant time periods that students were away from their normal school schedule – and much more other initiatives.

Since relocating to United States, Juve has been extremely successful earning a few Master’s degrees in information systems, Business Administration and in Management Science. From holding an IT position at the prestigious International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, located in our nation’s capital to working for the US Government, Juve is also involved in a number of organizations and volunteer work in our community and sits on several Boards. So much so that he has become a sought-out resource for professionals. Organizations and those new to the United States.  

Between his first-hand knowledge of creating and implementing successful community based development programs coupled with being an active member of the U.S. African diaspora community, alongside his professional and academic background, Juve is an incredible resource for ADUD, affiliates, local and global communities – especially, to our ever growing and diverse diaspora population of African families who are increasingly relocating to the U.S.

Juve also travels extensively throughout the world making frequent trips to Africa, building a powerful network and making plenty of friends along the way. He often refers to himself as Afro American.