Millions of African live outside the continent, over 3 million in the United stated alone. Some are very successful, others aren’t. They struggle, have a precarious lifestyle but survive because for most of us, there is more hope to make it outside of our continent. Organizations throughout the Diasporas are mobilizing to meet the needs of their respective communities.

More often than not, they, we do not receive the most valuable and important support that would make the work that we do meaningful or have profound impact. Then African community is fragmented, spread, isolated and ethnic or social groups and individual keep to themselves. It is estimated that the African diasporas send an estimated of over 60 billions US dollars in remittances home to our families, back on the continent, undoubtedly for good cause. Meanwhile, other international Foundations send an average of $350 millions to Africa, which is less than what we ourselves send.

The good news is that we know how to give to, help our people! If only we could direct 1% to 2% of all that to visionary organizations like ADUD! If only we could put those 1% to 2% into and get involved with Pan-African organizations like ADUD which has set one of their goals to unite the Diasporas in order to empower us to impact our communities first where we live (the diasporas) and then back on the back on the continent!

ADUD was created to empower African people living worldwide (the diasporas), anywhere outside of the African continent, by engaging and partnering with individuals, businesses, agencies, and institutions in a collaborative effort to build stronger African communities through education and social development. At ADUD, we believe that ALL African are ONE PEOPLE, a family, who should work together for ONE FUTURE.

ADUD thrives to be the driving force behind the Diasporas Communities and envision Africans Diasporas communities standing strong together, united as one, to help. This includes but not limited to helping and empowering our people, leading impactful initiatives, promote unity and philanthropy to create awareness, and address our welfare, socio-political issues in order to improve our lives in our Diasporas and back on the continent.​

Juve Lima,
Founder & CEO, ADUD