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Getting Settled

ADUD staff and volunteers assist immigrants just having arrived to the United States with resources for a smoother transition. Leaving your home country can be overwhelming and at times lonely. ADUD’s goal to provide the answers to the many questions you will no doubt have as you settle into your neighborhoods and communities. Let us help you! ADUD assists with such tasks as filling out benefits and medical forms, employment applications, and housing.

The Getting Settled Program, among other services, offers:
1. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
2. Interpretation and translation of documents
3. Help filling out forms
4. Help in finding a job or getting employment training
5. Help in finding housing
6. Information on other community services, schools and health care

Once you arrive in the United States, there are some documents that you will need to apply for.

ADUD will assist you among other things in securing:
1. A bank account
2. Health care benefits
3. A driver’s license
4. Social Security Number
5. Permanent Residence

Having these documents may be helpful in getting certain services and programs.
A Permanent Resident Card is proof that you are approved to live in the United States. ADUD partners with Norwood & Raven LLP,, to provide pro bono immigration assistance and legal services based on eligibility and complexity.